About us

Specializing in quality aftermarket products for Jeep Wranglers.

We started Trail 15 based on our love of Jeeps, with the idea of making products that would help you enjoy your Jeep a little more. Our products have helped hundreds of people enjoy their summers with ending the inconvenience of stuck on doors with our Delrin door bushings, given back seat passengers a comfortable ride with seat reclines and added some fun to a night time Jeep meet with our hood bumper lights. With 25 years experience in machining and the experience of mechanics in the aftermarket/off-road field, we have the knowledge and real world experience to provide quality products. 

We proudly manufacture and package our line of products in house at our facility in Wilmington, Ohio USA. We strive to use American made materials and use local sources for powder coat and other finishes.

If you need to contact us, you can email us at sales@trail15.com or send us a message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to check out our Dealers page for the local source of Trail 15 products in your neck of the woods.