Trail 15 Black Hood Bumper Lights (Detailed Top)
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Trail 15 Black Hood Bumper Lights (Detailed Top)

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Amber is currently unavailable

Black powder coated

Now using High Beam offroad Rokshots. With their unbeatable lifetime warranty on the lights!

Replace your factory rubber hood bumpers on your Jeep Wrangler with Trail 15's CNC machined aluminum light up hood bumpers. Not only will they look great in the day but even better at night! The hood bumper lights come as a pair with your choice of led color options. Choose from red, blue, green, pink, purple, amber or white. We made it so glare in the windshield will be minimal by keeping the backside blacked out.

Installation Instructions - Carefully remove the factory rubber bumper. Unscrew the nut from the light and unscrew the washer from the machined top piece . Place the wire and threaded end of the light through the hole of the washer. Next, place the wire and threaded end of the light through the hole of the hood where the factory hood bumper was. On the underside of the hood, thread the nut through the wires and loosely thread the nut onto the bolt. Screw the machined top piece to the washer making sure the blacked out side is toward the windshield. Finally carefully tighten the nut down on the bolt. Be careful not to overtighten or it could cause the light to break.

*for show and off-road use only. Sorry we cannot mix colors. They are designed for DC voltage only. Comes as a pair.