Trail 15 JK and JKU Rear Seat Reclines
Trail 15 JLU Rear Seat Reclines

Trail 15 JLU Rear Seat Reclines

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Proudly made in the U.S A.

Great solution that improves rear passenger comfort. 
By using UHMW Polyethylene spacers to raise the front legs of the rear seats, this Kit will add 2.5" of recline for a much more comfortable ride. The recline is accomplished without impacting the fold up/down function of the rear seats. 

Comes with 4 bolts and 4 washers (silver in color)

Straight Forward Installation 
This Rear Seat Recline Kit was engineered to install with basic hand tools. No permanent modifications or special tools are needed for a straight forward installation. The 4 rectangle blocks go under the legs and are replaced with the new bolts and washers. The 3 square blocks go at the back of the seat where it mounts and the 3 bolts are reused to mount those blocks.

Tools Required 

Breaker Bar

Socket Ratchet 

18mm Socket 

Torque Wrench (torque bolts to 45 ft-lbs)


  • Trail 15 rear seat recline kit will recline the rear seat approximately 2.5". Meanwhile,they provide a much more comfortable seating position vs the near vertical that your jeep came with.
  • With Trail 15 rear seat recline kit, your passenger's head will no longer fall forward when falling asleep in car seat. That means they will enjoy more comfortable sleeping on long rides.
  • CNC Machined UHMW Polyethylene. Durable and super strong, will not chip or crack. Corrosion and water resistant. Does not affect the ability of seats to fold down.
  • The Trail 15 Rear Seat Recline Kit is designed for Jeep Wrangler JLU 4-Door model years 2018-current